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Welcome to EPS Coatings

With over 25 years of experience in the application of long-life exterior wall coatings, you can trust EPS with the important task of the decoration and protection of your home.

If you are interested in rectifying, protecting, and beautifying the exterior walls of your home you are looking in the right place.

EPS is based in the Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey. We do not employ subcontractors and all our crew live on the islands in question.

EPS uses a wide range of textured, smooth, and clear exterior coatings for walls and roofs.

Using fully breathable textured and smooth coating formulas, we can transform the exterior of your property. In addition, we have a range of roof coating materials for roof tiles. All finishes are available in lots of attractive colours.

We can accommodate special colour requirements. Our coatings are not available through retail outlets.

Over 25 years experience

EPS are specialist exterior wall renovation experts. Having refurbished all different wall types in all stages of disrepair on thousands of homes over the last 25 years EPS has gained vast knowledge and expertise in this area.

Utilising our experience & reputation for quality we offer home owners an affordable alternative to the chore of constant painting and upkeep of their exterior walls.

We do not employ sales people. All surveying is undertaken by our own qualified operatives, some of whom undertake the actual “hands on” application of the coating.